14 April, 2013

Inspiration, information and the internet

I live semi- rurally, in a smallish town. Twenty years ago I would have considered myself isolated, but in this day of internet magic ( honestly, don't you  feel that way about it ?) I can be in the Rijksmuseum at the push of a button, taking an online tutorial with a favourite artist, watching a painting demonstration or conversing with a fellow painter across the globe without much effort at all. I do not have to battle crowds, find parking, beg an audience nor suffer the financial strains of travel. I also do not have to suffer bores, obnoxious people, those who are plain rude or those with whom I might butt heads with over triflings. If an artist is tedious, I move way silently from his or her site and find another who inspires and delights. It is far easier to deal with the world at arms length sometimes!

I subscribe to an ever increasing list of blogs and websites, mostly art related, but also life enhancing in their outlook. These artists have inspired, led and encouraged me  to follow my own voice and I really appreciate their openness and generosity when sharing what they have learned. I believe the more one shares, the more you receive in return and the richer you are for the experience of having met so many people through the sharing. The same information will be available from a variety of sources, but the willingness to share without financial gain is remarkably generous when you factor in the fact that most artists are poor!

I have been spending valuable time with my parents over the last 3 weeks. They visit from South Africa each year for a month, a generous chunk of time, but it goes too quickly. They are both assisting me get my exhibition together and have been an invaluable help. This is especially poignant for me as it was these lovely people who first took me to art exhibitions and fostered my interest and have been my staunchest supporters. I have not been able to paint much but have enjoyed the opportunities to discuss painting and visit galleries with them. Sometimes the downtime is as important as the doing!

I did, however, take a gazillion photos and worked up numerous sketches with notes for future painting ( you know, when winter sets in , the weather turns to custard and I camp in front of the fireplace, bemoaning the cold). I enjoyed being at the sea and will hopefully schedule a painting getaway up north to Matakana and Mahurangi East again soon.

A few examples from my Blog List:


I also subscribe to Plein Air magazine( and you can do this digitally) and Southwest Art magazine.I am lucky that my local library has a subscription to International artists and Australian artist and I borrow those . So, surf the net, graze through Pinterest, skull through YouTube and the blogosphere....educate yourself! There are amazing people doing amazing things out there. Bless them !

So, I leave you with this painting that was a commision. It was a joy to paint.

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