03 April, 2013

Exhibitions and apologies

I am all at sixes and sevens, trying to arrange an exhibition, facilitate a wonderful annual holiday with my beloved parents and still paint,blog and continue life as normal. Something had to give and, dearest blog, it was you.

I have had a wonderful time with my parents who are visiting from South Africa, have painted a bit and  am enjoying their input and support as I arrange my first ever solo exhibition. To say I am excited would be an understatement . It is ALL can think about at the moment.I must be tiresome conversation at the present.

So, I apologise, dear faithful blog, that I have been remiss and ignored you for the past two weeks.Lets kiss and make up.

You are ALL welcome to my first, solo exhibition at the fabulous private gallery of David Lloyd (extraordinary force of nature ) 19-21 April, for an exhibition of original paintings featuring the bucolic countryside and lifestyle of my everyday existence.

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  1. Ohhh wish I could visit! Good luck, I hope it is a wonderful experience for everybody :D


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