27 May, 2013

Painting in the rain with snow on the mountain behind me

I painted this on my neighbours lawn, overlooking the peat farmlands. It was cold. There was a fresh dusting of snow on the mountain behind me...then to cap it all off, it started to rain mid-painting. I soldiered on through about 25 different light conditions(sun,rain,clouds changing, sun under clouds, sun through clouds, ooh..big dark clouds..where'd they go?..back to rain, oh, here comes the sun...etc), tilted my canvas so it did not get too wet but the palette was a veritable swimming pool. Thank goodness it was oils and not acrylics! Still, hard to mix oils in the rain......

Gillard road
42 x 32 cm
oil on canvas
 If you zoom, you can see the water droplets on the canvas! It will dry out fine, I promise! I am glad I had all the warm/wet weather gear with me!!! Boonies boots,woollen socks, merino gloves and layers and an oilskin jacket. I looked like a Michelin man!

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