04 November, 2013

Sydney is beautiful!

I have visited this lovely antipodean city many times over the years and it never fails to please me. Charles and I spent the weekend with good friends, laughed A LOT and got to see a lot of North Sydney and the north city beaches, drove down to Doyle's on Watsons bay and had lunch and generally just ate, drank and laughed our way through the weekend.
Then we went into the city and stayed in a lovely, quiet hotel in the middle of the city, which I used as a base to then attempt to see every gallery, sight and sound in Sydney, by foot.
I was footsore but happy by the last day.

I thoroughly enjoyed theArt Gallery of NSW(New South Wales), so much so that I dragged Charles back to show him a very special painting by 2011 Archibald prize winner, Ben Quilty. It is a portrait of the artist , Margaret Olley, and stopped me in my tracks. I was asked twice to step a little further away from it…..but I juts HAD to try view it from the side as I had never seen paint applied in such an impasto fashion.

The white you see is bare canvas( some pencil marks remain ) and the paint has been troweled on with some kind of giant painting knife. It is stupendously fabulous( can you sense how impressed I am?!) and I have since looked at more of his work and been equally impressed.

Besides the NSW gallery, I also visited the Contemporary Art gallery which was, predictably, both fabulous, intriguing, infuriating and downright ridiculous. I managed to bump into the wife of a dear friend and subsequently got to catch up with him the next day. That made up for some of my annoyance towards concept art.

I was impressed with the number of school groups visiting the various museums. The girl above was a hoot. She spent quite a bit of time scratching her head asking her classmates what she was looking at!

Then I spent time wandering round, just looking. Looking down alleyways, up at the great buildings, new and old, and generally soaking up the australianess of the city

Mural on a staircase in The Rocks area

Birdcages suspended

Charles at the NSW art gallery

I will leave you with this for today and tell you more tomorrow.

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