31 October, 2013

Dio Day Out exhibition

I had a fabulous time in Sydney and I am going share it with you in good time BUT I am full tail- feather- up and steaming ahead(weirdest metaphor ever) organising  for an exhibition at David Lloyd's Lake Crescent gallery to be held this Sunday, 3 November . He has kindly opened his gallery to a one day exhibition of local artists as part of the Dio Day out, a great fundraising event organised by Dioscesan Girls school. It includes visits to various houses and gardens around Hamilton with art at several stations . So, I have a great collection of painting and am keen to get organised BUT, I promised my boys a good run on the beach and the dogs will love it, so I am only delivering and hanging paintings on saturday afternoon.Eek, that is cutting it fine!

Anyway, I shall lean into it and accomplish the task at hand ,music blaring and the smell of sausages cooking from afar. (weird again, I know. Sorry.)

Sydney was such a great experience. I know such lovely people. Wish you lived in my world.

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