20 April, 2014

Going with the flow

Sometimes, you just need to throw paint at a canvas.

When I walk into the studio and realise I have NO IDEA what I want to paint that day, I just start. I choose some paints and I just place them willy-nilly on the canvas .Most times, something comes from just making a start. I quite often cock it up on a monumental scale, but that cock-up is usually a great opportunity to see something I may not have seen, worked out a method, failed, succeeded...it all doesn't matter because I made a start, I committed to just showing up and being there and sometimes, if I am lucky, that is enough to get me going.

I am starting to really use artistic license and imagination in my work. NO idea where it is going, but I find the retropectoscope usually allows me to figure that out later.

60cm x 120 cm
oil on board
I am reading a lot about artistic processes of various artists that I admire. Isn't it wonderful that we live in the internet age when sharing is so possible?! Their insight and ideas offer me some avenues to explore for myself and I am so enjoying this on-line teaching. From artists who lived hundreds of years ago to contemporary ones, the learning continues.

Today is day 4 of the easter long weekend. I am very keen to get painting again soon but have to occupy/exhaust the kids before I can do so. Tomorrow I am missioning into town to get some equipment, provisions and hopefully, some diversions for the brutes.Who says you can't solve a problem with money!?

Anyway, I need to throw paint at a canvas and soon...it itches not to.

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