02 April, 2014

It is what it is.

Someone recently suggested to me that it might be better for my art career if I did not "share" as much of the struggle/joy of painting on this blog as much I do. They suggested that mystery was appealing and would make people more interested in what I do. I think the concept of "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen" is what they were alluding to.

Well, sorry. What you have with me is chatty with a penchant for over-sharing. I am nothing if not transparent. The idea that I would not tell you about what made me happy/sad about a painting experience is anathema to the way I think and behave. If it were not for other artists who share their insights so willingly I would still be a frustrated artist trying to replicate things and not the fulfilled one I am now knowing that I am happy in the way I am painting and evolving, translating my experience of the world onto canvas. I would like to think that this helps others find their voice and, if nothing else ,makes them glad that you don't live in my head! Its noisy!

So, no mystery here, I'm afraid. Just the truths, the ups and down, the learning curves that are not always smooth, the EUREKA moments, the WTF moments and the occasional ramble and rant.

I am on the hunt for gallery representation at the moment and it is very difficult to a) find galleries to suit my style and visa versa, and b) convince them to take a chance on an unknown. There's a cute term in art used to describe artists that are unknown or maybe just becoming a bit established : emergent. Like a butterfly emerging from a coccoon. Am I emergent? I think I am but a moth probably thinks it's as cute as a butterfly too.

People ask me all the time."what is your style" I know what they mean but it is hard to describe.  I paint like me: A cocktail of impressionism, realism, abstract,expressionism. I am a contemporary painter. To make matters worse, I am an immigrant and self taught. How dare I !!!! Bah! I dare and I do! Someone has to. We cannot all be the same, think the same, paint the same , have the same credential. Wildcards are important, underdogs are popular. I say Go ME!

67 x 60 cm
oil on board
It is what it is.


  1. Keep doing what you do - I think it's wonderful... :)

  2. I personally think that an artist who shares their emotions and struggles that they went through with their work is far more interesting that an artist who keeps everything secret. I think it sort of gives a feeling of closeness, like, you can relate to the struggles and therefore understand the art better. I dunno..
    I think it gives more personality to the painting when you know what happened behind the scenes.


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