09 June, 2014

Everyday I'm shuffling....

I spent a good deal of today driving and hanging paintngs and then driving some more. I am tired but very excited . I delivered 13 paintings to the Garden Art gallery and 11 to the Riverlea gallery, received news I had sold two more paintings and delivered 6 more to the framers!

On the way to Cambridge I ran into these gals.They were being moved from one farm to another along the road, herded by farmers on four wheelers and in a truck, with a cheery grin and a wave!

Life in the country, eh. Always something to marvel at.

I wanted to share some of the paintings that are off to galleries.

61 x 31 cm
oil on canvas

Fog, morning light and pines
41 x54 cm
oil on boards

Town and Country
Oil on canvas
31 x 61 cm

Square Route
61 x 61 cm
oil on canvas

oil on board
32 x 32 cm

20 x 41 cm
oil on canvas

Blue Barn
oil on board
20 x 28 cm

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