12 June, 2014

In need of a canoe and a clone.

It was a busy and wet week.

Firstly, here is the wet.
new meaning to "overflowing drains"
(all the farms around me are on peat and dig drains between paddocks to drain water...supposedly)

Rosy, I swear I saw a periscope!

Then there is the busy:
I delivered paintings to various galleries on monday and some to the framers. I had an interview with a local journalist from Cambridge and it proved to be an interesting experience.  Midweek saw me return to my student occupation of waitress  at Fieldays, the largest agricultural show in the southern Hemisphere. Tractors, cows, effluent systems, milking systems, pumps, sprays, feed, etc etc. its amazing.  I did this as a fundraiser for my son's school....the company  paid us to be their waitrons in their stand and it was heaving! I have never served as many coffee and pies as yesterday! This was the day after my dominatrix trainer decided a leg day would be nothing without 100 squats, 50 lunges and an assortment of other tried and tested tortures in the name of fitness.
I ran non-stop from 9 am till 3 pm. Then I ran no more. I came home, sat still and caught up on some Breaking Bad ( I am still on season 2...no spoilers,please!) as my legs twitched like some zombie attachments.

Tractor pull and display of tractors

I did not have time to take photos..these were at the exit as I waited for the bus to take me to my car.
Today my boys are home as it is a teachers only day at school. I also have a few extra's, but that actually helps. We went into town to have sushi lunch, ok some frames and walk the dogs.

Not complete yet.

What I need is a clone.Anyone know how close the science is yet?

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