21 October, 2014


So, 6 months (or more) of planning and painting culminate in tonights preview of my exhibition "Under Big Skies", with my mate and totally nutcase, Charlotte Giblin.We are also joined by sculptor and fellow immigrant, Anneke Bester. Her collection of bronze sculptures is called "balance" and watching them being unpacked this morning was a real treat. She also packed chocolates in amongst all the works to make the job fun! Cool chick!

The exhibition runs for a month .

I am very happy with the paintings and I can see where I am going. Looking at the paintings painted 6 months ago is interesting, but the recent ones are even more interesting because I can see how I used what I was learning along the way in the later paintings.

No, I am not going to say which are which!

I will post photos tomorrow. Right now, I want to have a glass of bubbly and practise walking in heels (not a great combination!).


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  1. Yeeha! That's great Jen, and no you don't have to say which is which, I can see it's your painting on the right.


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