12 January, 2015

A painting intervention and being a bad mommy.

There has been an intervention in my household. It is the height of summer holidays here .My kids and husband have requested I don't paint as much as I am, at present,  whilst they are on holiday. I think this is a fair call. I have been spending WAAAY to much time buried in the studio and not enough time with them. They are still young and need my time, so I am going to step away from the studio for a while and play with them. I might not paint everyday, but I can still sketch. So, if I sketch every day(say, whilst watching them swim) and post it, it should still count and I still create and feel I am doing my thing. I might even go hunt for my travelling watercolour set.....
It's all about the balance and it got out of kilter, recently. Sorry, kids.

This is a bigger work I am working on.

It will have to be the image for today.WIP ( Work in Progress)

My new Rosemary brushes arrived today!

Some long flats, some short flats, a rigger or two, an angles brush.....treasure!  I am excited to give them a trial run( when the kids eventually tire of me and push me back into the studio).

Family time:

We went Blueberry picking yesterday. This is them, under the nets. They ate more than they picked .They joked about having blue poo ( because we are in that humour range, STILL), rescued a few birds trapped in the nets, made smoothies as soon as we returned home and swam for hours.

Picnic at the swimming hole

Walk on the beach with the dogs

I am making up for the lost time!

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