24 March, 2015

Well, that did not go well.

Well, that did not go well.

 I decided to work very large for my upcoming exhibition. I have been working on 3 paintings for about 2 months  and then managed, in a spell of about 2 weeks, to destroy everything I painted.  You know that point when you should stop, put the brush down and walk away? Well, I mistook that point for "keep going, it's looking great" and completely bollocksed up 3 paintings. I had pretty much decided to hang my upcoming exhibition around those three paintings. ahaha.That did not go well.

When I realised what I had done, I packed a sulk, ate chocolate  and voyeured round the internet for a day . Then I  came back and had a good look at them. They are everything I don't like: fussy, detailed,overworked.

So, out they go. (Actually, I have sanded them down with my new sander and I will chop the board up and paint over the top. But that's another adventure)

So, new broom sweeps clean. I picked up a different substrate, drafting paper ( also known as Mylar in the US or planning film) and got going. I played different music, painted at a different time and relaxed. and decided to just have fun.

I am onto something, but I will show you when I am finished. Here are some sneak peaks.

Last Birds to fly

Work in progress

more work in progress

Hilltop cemetery

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