01 March, 2015

Plein air group

I have started a plein air painting group. I rarely ever see anyone else in Hamilton painting outdoors and it is a great way to paint AND spend time outdoors, so I decided to be the change I want to see. I started a painting group for plein air painters and advertised on the Meetup page online, through my local arts newsletter and on my Facebook sites.

The first meeting I organised was only attended by myself. Party for one.

The second meeting was attended by myself and three others. Well, that's better!
All novice painters, they were nervous to paint outdoors for fear of public scrutiny and criticism. I promised them I would handle all conversation with passing strangers and did so. They just got on with the job of painting and enjoying themselves.

Tania sat on a cushion and painted flat on a fold out picnic table, Terry had chair and an easel that tried to fight back, but we eventually subdued it and Maralyn had a table easel we strapped to the top of a dustbin! Masking tape to the rescue, yet again!
We all painted and we all had fun. Passing traffic said nothing horrible, just encouraging murmurs and fun was had by all.

I told you they were shy!

Quick block in

Add caption

After a few hours, they settled down to paint

my second quick sketch

It was hot and pretty

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