28 September, 2015

Sellers remorse

Have you ever sold anything and then wished you had not? Sellers remorse. It's a bitter pill.

I sent a painting off to a gallery months ago and, as they hung it on the wall, I realised that I desperately regretted that decision. There have been many paintings that I have hung in my own home for months before I was ready to sell them. This was not one of them. This was a special painting( to me) and I had barely even enjoyed it before it was gone. But it was a done deal and I am a professional, so I cannot go back on my word.

Imagine my delight as I delivered new work to the gallery today and saw it still on the wall . UNSOLD ! Never  had I been so delighted to see something unsold!
I veritable snatched it back and it was in my car before the lovely gallery owner could change her mind either!

hehe! All Mine!

second from the right

edge of the burn
oil on board
600 x 1200mm

I painted this from the sketches I made from the plane window as I flew from Cape Town to Johannesburg. This is my last sight of Africa before I usually climb on a plane bound for Australia .The domestic flights travel low enough for me to recognise landmarks, appreciate the landscape and give me a last. glorious view of this continent before I hit the green of New Zealand again. I scribbled furiously for the whole two hours, trying to record on paper (and iPad) the landscape I was flying over and leaving.

Now, it's back on my wall and I love it.

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  1. AW. That's the one I wanted.
    (but best you keep it safe for both of us)


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