22 September, 2015

Some paintings and a sexy onion.


Today was an enforced studio day because the gas man, Pete, was coming to install the new gas hot-water to my bathroom. I have resorted to thisnew addition  because my previously shower-intolerant eldest son has developed a 20min-shower-habit. He is also indulging his habit twice a day and, unnervingly, just before I want  shower. The winter of 2015 has seen more than it's fair share of adults swearing blue( same colour as their lips) after having to endure a cold shower because Master Buffed -and- Polished has used all the hot water. Little......(rhymes with sucker).

Anyhow, as we run on rainwater, I was not even going to entertain the thought of gas for all ( he would never, ever extract himself from the bliss  ) so , Charles and I have a lovely system all to ourselves. Ha!

I am way too excited for what is such a mundane addition, but quality of life is important and hot showers and baths are quality stuff.

Anyways, this is some of today's work.

The Desert road with a blue car
Oil on canvas
30 x 30 cm

I have lost a lot of lids.....

Prepping canvasses and boards

I like this start

The relaxed onion

I bought this book at the Hospice sale for the kings ransom of $2 and the Carol Boyes dish was a gift (from myself!) , bought in Cape Town. The onion was super -relaxed and decided to pose for me.
I tried to make it sit up and pay attention, but it was having none of that and slid , seductively, onto one onion hip and posed like this. All by itself. The garlic called it a bad name, so I had to separate them. Garlic is jealous because her breath smells and she has a big bottom.

1 comment:

  1. You see? The RED worked.
    I see a (sexy) RED onion. AND a blue car.
    And BTW gas goes beyond a craft, it is an art. You know what I mean.


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