22 December, 2015

No mess and a white shirt.

When I first started painting, I managed to get paint everywhere: on clothes, on face, in hair, on walls , keep naming things (yes , dogs too) and you get the picture. I was very messy and oil paint is not great on any surface.

 Sidenote: Babywipes remove paint from hands in the gentlest manner I have discovered. You're welcome.

Over the years, I have managed to get less messy( it's all relative, lets be realistic) and clothes have seen less and less damage. There has to be SOME mess, otherwise it's no fun, but on myself...not so much anymore.

Yesterday saw me paint in a white shirt. A LINEN white shirt. If that does not say " BRAVE" in a studio, what does?! Actually, I have been painting in it for a while and as I had a photoshoot in the studio ,  I wore it. The grubby apron was a good counterfoil to the white shirt.

Anyway, here are some of the photos........Thank you Vicki!

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