21 January, 2012

After Michelle Torrez

I am copying paintings of those artists I admire to see how they achieved the effects they achieved and how it fits into my style of painting. It is a really good exercise and made me review some of my methods of rendering light and dark in an image of high drama.

Can you tell how faces are freaking me out right now?!? I painted her face about 5 times before I wiped it clean and vowed to improve my painting of faces!!!!Hence the mugshots.

Michelle Torrez, go on, Google her. She paints dramatically and expressively
- and I admire her immensely .I find her images powerfully feminine.

I painted on the black canvasI bought online, as a roll, sight unseen.I really enjoy painting the figure on black ground. It is ever so dramatic, straight from the start.I feel sometimes I need the drama to react to the subject . I think it was Sarjent who was said to paint as if he were fencing. He would stand back from the canvas , then lunge forwards,brush held at the very end, and slash canvas with a precise mark of paint. Heady stuff.

Wis I looked that sexy, wine glass in hand and headless.

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