11 January, 2012

Mugshot no.1

I am useless at faces....so useless, that I am now going to make an effort to improve. To do so, I need a stock of random, normal faces. Faces I do not recognize or have any bias towards......so welcome to my Mugshot series( or maybe this will be a one-off thing, no idea yet). I am using police mugshots from the USA ( because they publish them on the Internet!! ) and will try another tomorrow.

I struggled with his stubble( wow, never thought I would write such a sentence) and it ended up looking like he was covered in shaving cream!!! But that aside, the likeness in the top half of his face was good...ok, was passable.Barely.

I showed my boys what I was up to.The offered lots of opinion and suggestion and I explained the concept of what I am trying to achieve to them both.lucien mulled over the idea of making mistakes in order to improve and progress....he is a perfectionist in the most improbable way. He expects to be brilliant at everything and cannot cope when he is not and usually walks away to try something else. I know this, as he is the closest thing to a clone of me that is possible.Hopefully he will see my efforts and come to understand the value of persistence in the face of failure and the pleasure of learning to do something you believe to be damned near impossible.

1 comment:

  1. You "struggled with his stubble", so let's call him Barney Rubble.
    The rest is good. Damn near perfect.


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