27 January, 2012

Fish on ice multiplied

20 cmx 20 cm ( 8x8 inch my metrically challenged friends) boxed canvas series of Fish. I used the same reference photo, 4 times,I just turned it a different orientation each time I painted it .

good experiment! paint what you see, not what you know. Observation is everything.

Used permanent rose and Indian yellow to make the pinky, salmon reference colors and cobalt blue and white for the darks and thrice. Interesting palette, don't you think.? I really enjoyed working with only the three main colors and white.

Did I mention I paint with music? Today I was inspired by The National and Birds of Tokyo. Isn,t music just the most amazing invention ever?!!

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  1. One Fish Two Fish
    Red Fish Blue Fish
    Your art inspires my voice.
    Yours sincerely, Dr Seuss.


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