22 March, 2012

After the rains

I chased this image this morning! First, I saw it as I was driving the boys to school. I dropped them off, did a mad wheelspin exit from the carpark ( raised eyebrows all round) and went chasing the clouds. Drove past Cameron and Nathan waiting for the school bus, and BOOM!!!.....there it was. The storm clouds parted and shafts of light rained down on the countryside. It was so chocolate box I almost did not notice the dalmatian peeing on my car .not so loony chocolate box. I whipped out the camera and....dropped it. So now I have to hold the battery door closed whilst I take a photo......not ideal!!
Anyhow, I took a few reference shots, came home and painted it.it is too windy to paint en plein air and I have a headache.maybe that's from the turps and vanish!

This is off Rukuhia road, across towards Ohaupo,showing the paths, rain sodden, on the farm.

Ready for my close up?

10" x 14"
25x 35cm
Oil on canvas board

For sale

Contact the artist

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  1. Thanks, MonQ! I saw them and chased after them!!!!! I need the practise.

  2. Run Forrest Run ! You know what Mamma says...
    and what's more. This is it! No more distractions. Paint Paint Paint.

  3. Lovely! I am so glad you do weird artist stuff too...I was climbing on our bin in the garden to get a perfect shot of the moon the other day and I did wonder what my kids think about me doing stuff like that...I KNOW what the neighbours think!! lol

  4. Hi Em, yup, all the time!!!! I think my kids are so used to it because i Have been that way for a long time!!! I think most people ignore my quirks and oddities...even when I fetch the kids from school with paint on my face,hands, in my hair, all over myself....stopping the car to leap out and take photos, asking strangers permission to Photograph them, their kids whatever I might be focussing on.....glad you do it too!!!!! They will treasure those memories when we old and doddery!!!


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