07 March, 2012

Thwarted !!! Plein air, plein gone!

Must stop saying things out loud.I declared my intention to paint outdoors today and a wind of note duly arrived and shattered that dream.

So I retreated to the studio and took inspiration from an amazing Dutch artist, Roos Schuring, who paints outdoors come hell or high water, and painted this scene.

9x12 " /22x30cm
Oil on panel
After Roos Schuring

Then, as I had intended to wander in the direction of the beach I painted this one of the hot water beach at Kawhia. Hot water from the center of the earth seeps up through the sands at low tide. If you take a shovel you can dig yourself a little hot pool and wallow till the waves come crashing over and you have to retreat.
New Zealand has so many little surprises like that.My friend Mark took us there last summer . I channeled my inner hippo and had a good wallow session before the tide came in.

10 x20"/25x50cm
Oil on board

A close up of the hot pool.......

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