19 March, 2012

Quiet walk along the lake with dog

If I had a dog and lived near a lake or the beach, I should like early morning , quiet walks .

Actually , seeing as it is a struggle for me to get out of bed before 7 am and I don' t really like dogs, I doubt this should ever eventuate!!!

Oil on panel
8" x16"

I am apply with the way I caught the translucency of the lake water in the bottom left corner.

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  1. I do like early morning walks with my very cat like whippet dog and your painting looks just the kind of place I would like to walk!

  2. Em! How was Paris?!I was thinking of you yesterday as I tested your paintings for dryness.....not long now! Think another few days and then I will varnish them and then they are good to go! I have to explain the dog comment.....I am not anti- dog ,just really awkward around them. I think I am always scared.....we had some crazy dogs growing p and I felt intimidated by them, so I think it is a hangover from that.I also ride a bike and dogs love chasing me....scares me silly.my youngest really wants a dog and I am going to have to come to terms with the whole dog issue pretty soon. Lol!


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