05 March, 2012

En plein air.....I did it!

Today started out kinda bleugh . The was no great light, thee were no great skies...so I painted indoors.

Then I had to pop into town and on way home, hey presto! The day changed....still not great but time to go al fresco and paint outdoors. So I packed a few things into the sopping trolley and this is what I did...

I set up on top f the hill with a view towards Hamilton( trust me, ts 10 km away in the distance)

My trusty Grumbacher French easel and oh so fab shopping trolley( don't mock me, it is brilliant). I set up under a tree.....very nice. I ignored all traffic except Shani, who made me jump by hooting her hello!!!

The sky kept changing, but I reckon what I did was ok!

I will post it once I have taken a proper photo. I am so pleased to have painted en plein air today!!!! Must do it more often.....but I must remember to spray myself with insect repellant.....I provided a smorgasbord for the Mosquitos!!!!!

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1 comment:

  1. Newton too sat under trees
    'til an apple hit his lolly.
    Monet sat on river banks
    shaded by his brolly,
    but you My Dear, you take the cake
    with that shopping trolley!


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