07 June, 2012

Big puddle near Pink lady orchard.

I went for a walk down Reid road with my friend, Monique, whilst our kids were at soccer training. It was just before dusk and the light was wonderfull. I drove us both mad taking photos( stop/start/stop/reset camera /start) but we made our 5 km loop in good time and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. This painting was inspired by one of the photos. It is taken near the apple orchard, the puddle created by recent rain and the depression of all the tractors that have been harvesting the apples recently. Pink lady apples .Is that not an awesome name for an apple!?!


  1. Wow- powerpainter! You did that fast. Yes- fresh pink ladies available at school now! lol

  2. and I thought that the ' Pink Ladies' were from Grease and not NZ!
    *singing* you are the apple of your father's eye and I know this for a fact. . . mmm. that same apple did not fall far from the tree,
    tee hee.

  3. Did you get dropped on your head when you were a baby?! You and the Cheshire cat!!!! Riddles! My shattered nerves......

  4. !! eciwt tsael tA


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