01 June, 2012

Watermelon teacup

I was given a set of crazy teacups and saucers as a farewell present from colleagues years ago and have treasured their quirkiness and the people they remind me of. I wanted to paint these after the ARTBYTe tutorials by Carol Marine that I have recently watched. I have never been good at drawing, but I made an effort and with her tips and advice I did the following still life. Not brilliant but not crap either. I can feel that I will find a way to make this genre mine but I have to find the subject matter that speaks to me first.

I pinned a note on the easel....can you read it? It was a reminder about some pivotal points: Squint, clean your brush squint, color families, stand back, squint again, island and oceans, squint, lost and found edges. Etc

Anyway, I lost it towards the end and got all tight and the spontaneity was lost, but sometimes you have to see what NOT to do so you can do it properly next time. I love learning new things!!!!

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