04 July, 2012

The joy of painting fish.

I am loving painting fish right now. Weird , I know, but I have learned to just paint what I like as THAT'S when I am my most honest and when I am happy with the end result.

I am listening to Artists Helping Artists podcasts as I paint . I find that listening to the discussion allows me to loosen up and not get too tight and detail focused . Yeah, they distract me! The irony is not lost on me!!!! I download them off ITunes and they are about 1 hour long, almost the exact time it takes me to paint a 6 x 8 inch painting. Serendipitous, methinks.

Oil on gesso'd hardboard


  1. Fantastic colours and patterns! Are you eating all these fish? Just thinking you will be sooo healthy by the time you move onto your next subject...cakes maybe?

  2. Lol!!!! I like your thinking! If you see me start painting wine bottles, start to worry!


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