24 September, 2012

Absence explained.

The last few weeks have been thrown into turmoil by an injury sustained by my youngest son ,Julius. It started off as a sprain and ended up in a weeks stay in hospital and a few operations. All this from a pillow fight . Being a kid is a dangerous occupation!

Obviously, a children's ward is no place to paint , but in these last few hours I have found peace if mind in the reassurance of the doctors that he will make a full recovery , and allowed myself to pull out the iPad and fiddle with one of the paint applications I downloaded.
This, believe it or not, is the sanitized view from the 6th floor of Waikato Hospital across the lake . I painted the hospital from the other side of this same lake not long ago.
So, whilst I have not had an opportunity paint ( nor the headspace) I have a renewed respect for the medical profession ( which is funny, given my husband is a doctor!) and enormous admiration for those who have chronically ill children.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to my very good friends who have supplied me with meals, housed my other child and puppy, collected my post and brought me coffee, tea and sympathy all week.

I will start painting again once I have caught up on some sleep or those psycho cows really will be psycho!!!


  1. Oh wow...poor you (and him!) I spent three days in hospital with Jack when he was young and its not an experience I would care to repeat (for oh so many reasons!). I'm glad you were well looked after all round and the "paintings" are great, hope you get to catch up on your sleep and that dangerous childhood activities are absent for a while! Take care Em x

  2. Website looks great on my IPad. Well done and congrats. Very professional.


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