11 September, 2012

Enforced downtime

The forces of chaos seem to have decided to hold a frat party at my house and I am in about day 5 of a series of events that have not allowed me time to paint.At all. Nada. Nothing. Niet. Niks.Nutting.

A quick recap of events has seen me visit A&E,  breakdown and call the AA( for the car, not me, but i did earn a funny look), placate the security firm regarding the alarm activations by the new puppy,THE NEW PUPPY,  host a birthday party( my own!), attend a soccer competition  and endure 4 successive nights of broken sleep and comfort an 8 year old who had the worst birthday ever, at home , in pain and absolutely devastated about being off his foot for 3 weeks.

  • I am exhausted.
  • I am also doing this solo.
  • ..............................................................I want a medal!!

As with all house parties, the clean up is a nastiness that seems to extend longer than the party. Also, I would make a terrible nurse. but a fabulous doctor.

So, I have used my short bursts of downtime to think about direction, look at some other artists on the web and gather some reference material for future work. I  feel like those times have been taken in the eye of the storms and they have been most welcome and quite useful.

This is an excerpt from a fellow artist and blogger, Jeff Mahorney, from his blog .


He talks about  what he learned painting his first 120 paintings. .....and i like it because it rings true.

So, no painting, I am afraid.
I know, I also wanted there to be a painting........

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