18 February, 2013

Plein air tuesday at Hamilton Lake

I took the dog to the groomers ( he looked  Keith Richards baaaad! All rattails, yellowed chin-hair and eyes like pissholes in the snow) and I went to the Hamilton Lake for a paint. I know my morning was going to be far more relaxing than his, poor poppet.

This lake is in the middle of town, boasts a wonderful l4.3km path around it for runners,walkers, mums with prams and toddlers on bikes. It also has a great play area for kids , a gazillion ducks to feed, manicured flower gardens, a train you can climb all over and, blessed of all blessedness, a coffee- serving  cafe on site.

So, I set up near the loo's (class act, I am) and painted. I had the great fortune to eavesdrop on a number of parents interacting with their kids(various degrees of hysteria and thank the ex-pope I am not there still). I also had fun chatting to some people who stopped and spoke to me about what I was doing. Many of them expressed a wish to paint too( well, not that very minute, you understand...) and I made it my mission to encourage everyone who said it ,to do something about that wish. JUST DO IT.

Anyway, I painted two paintings, had a coffee and went to fetch the buffed and polished Freddy who now looks David Bowie camp. There is something un-macho about a fluffed dog. He knows it too. His whole demeanour read"whipped and a pansy"when I collected him.

Thank you to everyone who chatted to me or liked the paintings.

Surgeons Row
20 x 40 cm
oil on canvas

Oil on canvas
25 x 30 cm
Palm row
click here to purchase from Website www.jenniedegroot.com

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