22 April, 2013

Doing the headless chicken two-step

I am running around, post exhibition, delivering paintings, thanking kind patrons and generally sorting out the after-math of what turned out to be a marvellous and affirming weekend.

Despite the torrential downpours on saturday and sunday( drought has broken!) , people still came to see the exhibition. The friday evening opening was a jumping affair...over 80 people all laughing and having a whale of a good time. It was amazing and I came home exhausted , smiling and gratified at having sold 16 painting on opening night.  I imagined it could get no better than that ,so you can imagine how humbled I was when I sold a further 10 over the next few days.

I was advised to exhibit 20 to 30 paintings, but the space was so amazing and I felt I could afford to show the diversity and range of my work so I showed 43. To have sold 26 paintings at my first solo exhibition ...o my. I cannot tell you how good that feels.

I have met so many people and will be working with a few of them in the near future. I garnered a few commissions and some joint projects, ideas for my next exhibition and some wonderful insights into this world I am entering.

This is how my Oscar Speech goes: I could not have done this without the loving support of my family and I thank them. My long-suffering husband Charles, my two boys,Lucien and Julius, my parents, Audre and Norman who curated the show and made sure the kids were fed for the last two weeks, my lovely, dear friends and David Lloyd, for offering me the venue in the first place.

David Lloyd Gallery


Pre -exhibition

Time to get these brushes moving on the canvas again!

Watch this space!


  1. Fantastic! You deserve it, I am so glad it all went so well - keep painting!!! :D

  2. Kudos Gorgeous Gal !


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