15 March, 2013

Plein air friday

I was a baaaaaaaaaad mother on friday. I went painting when I SHOULD have gone to watch my kid swim at the Inter-school champs. But , before you agree, please know that the inside of that swimming pool is hot and humid, smells of chlorine and foot and I was there last week cheering both my kids on AND being a judge. I reckon that offers me immunity.

So, I went to the Hamilton lake to paint reflections but the wind was up and so, no reflections. The sun came and went, the light changed constantly, the wind died down, then started up again. I took this all as a sign to make a plan and stick to it. Decide, WHAT am I trying to achieve and stick to that plan.

25 x 35
oil on canvas
From the Jetty

I stood on a jetty of land which poked into the lake. The water level is low as a result of the drought.The hospital in the background, is undergoing major building works. All cranes, trucks, scaffolding and noise. In contrast , the lake was all water-lillies, languid dog-walkers, chatting walking groups and honking ducks. Remarkably domestic!

I came home to a kid who had swum well and was proudest of the fact that he has succeeded without my help. ( this is the kid who taught himself to swim) He was chuffed at going somewhere alien, representing his school and doing it all without a chaperone. He is 8. He blows my mind constantly with his outlook on life. Well done, Julius.

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