06 June, 2013

Drawing naked people and the use of euphemisms

"Life drawing" is what artists call it when they draw(or paint) from a nude model, in front of them.  You know the scene: nude and slightly cold model sits on plinth/chair/daybed in huge studio, surrounded by students all peering out from behind easels, pencils in teeth, beret's askew and all looking absolutely ok with the fact that there is aNUDE person sitting on a chair/bed/plinth in front of them . Like it's normal . Not an eye in batted not a breath gasped. Everyone does their level best to be ABSOLUTELY cool with this.

Today was such a day for me, EXCEPT, the venue was a fishing  clubhouse (complete with floor so sticky i wonder if it had been swabbed with sugarwater and various fish mounted on the walls......), the model bailed on us and no one was wearing a beret. So, one of the conveners dropped his kit and modelled for us and THANK GOD for that because there was no way I was going to do that without actually being on fire because winter is NOT the time to be modelling nude in New Zealand. Best thing ever, though, they stop for a wine half way through the session. I must let you know that the class runs from 12;20 to 14:30 ....it's a midday thang. I turned the wine down but I think it's a hoot! The model also gets to quaff a glass ( they should have a bottle and a straw in this temperature)...and quite right too.

It has been years since I have drawn a person from life and I loved  doing it again. I did this in Cape Town years ago (twelve to be precise) and never got back into it when I started painting.

We started off with a few short poses(5 minutes) then moved onto longer poses, none lasting more than 20 minutes.

And then the weirdest things happened and SHE walked in and I just HAD to draw her....!

When I doodled this at the end I know my concentration was shot! 1h30minutes of pure concentration is enough to start me seeing things!!!

Anyhow, let me know if you like what I did.I used conte pastel on plain black paper.  I might paint next time too, who knows.

so, "Life drawing" or "Drawing cold, Nekkid people" was a success for me.

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  1. Love them! I used to really enjoy life drawing at art college, especially the quick poses...it really made me loosen up and stop panicking about perfection. I never tried pastels, mostly used charcoal but I like the effects you have got and fancy having a go now...think New Zealand might be a bit far for me to travel at the mo though!


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