01 June, 2013

Martins bay nostalgia

I was supposed to be cataloguing my photos and I got stuck actually looking at them and reminiscing about the holiday spent with my parents recently ( although it feels like a long time ago!). We are now, officially, in winter and to make sure I am in the right frame of mind I have soup on the stove and washing drying all over the house. It also seems to me that every child in the neighbourhood is taking advantage of my seclusion in the studio to rampage all over my house...I hear whoops and yelps occasionally! BOYS! I am too scared to leave the studio to discover what they have done.

So, distracted by photos and holed up in my studio, I decided to paint a little painting. It was that or go out and have a NERF battle. I didn't fancy my chances against the feral lot today.I plan to tame them with soup and marshmallows by the fire later.

Martins bay
oil on archival paper

reference photo

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