16 September, 2013

The messy chaos of my studio

This is the messy chaos that constitutes my studio...I love the green walls and I love the natural light....oh, and the space, the deck outside, the internet access and the separation from the "rest" of my life by a long hallway that CLEARLY says" you are going on a journey" each time I walk down it (not so much the other way that leads to the laundry and wash up area!)

Work sin progress on Lyre easel with my "viewing screen" in the background

computer space, art storage and oil paint tabouret

Jame Coulter plein air easel, big green bin and tabouret

By the time I have the couch, the treadmill and wind-trainer bike setup out of here, I will be dancing between painting sessions!

1 comment:

  1. You go Girl ! It looks great.
    And I'm very happy to see that my name is on top of the list!


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