11 October, 2013

Stormy saturday

It is blustery, wintery, wet and quite wild -weather spring is offering us at the moment. The wind whistling around the windows was particularly shrill today. This is the last weekend of school holidays and I am quite edgy for some alone time in the studio. No refereeing sibling fights, dog squabbles or music /tv blaring at full volume. But  want to go outside and there is no way I can with the weather the way it is and the kids in my periphery.

It's been like a zoo, just with really entitled animals. There are two King Julian's in my house and I feel that's two too many.

I wanted to capture the bruised sky with the bright sunlight in the foreground. The clouds scud across the sky at breakneck speed. What was a portentous looking sky is swiftly converted to blue with alarming disregard for me trying to paint it.

20 x 20 cm, oil on canvas

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