06 October, 2013

My new painting hat and did you know camera's don't bounce well ?

Well, that sums the contents of today's blog up quite succinctly, I believe.

The camera had a tumble from the desk onto the concrete floor and, well, the concrete won. The camera put up a valiant fight but I think I am going to euthanise it...battery cover is off and no amount of tape will make it work. So, hence the delay in photos and you might forgive me while I post some Iphone photos in the meantime before I choose a new camera. I wish someone would just tell me what to buy! The tech-speak is confusing and I am very easy to confuse. ( The head nods but the mind is whirling with information that it has no idea how to process.I need diagrams and hand holding)

So, I went out to do some camera research and bought a new straw painting hat. It made sense at the time and I look fabulous in it. The hat, that is.

I am working on my new line of cows....the Prada Girls!

Shall we talk about the hat? Ok, I was using a hat that is so fuggly ( a real term) that I cringe when I see photos of myself in it. I used it because it is functional and ugly enough to be ok to have paint daubs on it. My new hat is a straw cowboy- like hat that makes me look exciting and interesting and still has enough function to be relevant to painting( must provide shade, let air through so as not to over-heat and look ok with paint daubed on it).
I bought it at a pharmacy. In the same pharmacy, I tried on green and blue eye-shadow( blue on left, green on right), weighed myself on the free scale( accurate and a bitch) and made only one inappropriate comment. All tallied, a good day. I might even get to paint later.......and yes, I am wearing the hat as I type this!

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