26 March, 2014

YouTube debut

I made two videos for my exhibition to give a little insight into my painting process, both plein air and studio.

This is the studio version. The first half ( without sunglasses on my head) takes place whilst my children are at school, then you notice my sunnies and the light through the window change and I have just made the mad dash to the bus-stop to collect them!


This is the final painting.

So, I debuted on You Tube. I announced this with great delight to my kids. They were fairly unimpressed . One actually said: cute" . Having done quite a few themselves ( they review games...give me strength) they deem themselves experts. Sometimes I have to remind myself that the option to eat them at birth has come and gone and I am no tiger.

Wait till they have to learn to drive a car, though.......mwhahhahahaha!(very evil laugh)

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