10 February, 2015

It's too soon to panic

I have deadlines looming for various exhibitions that I am involved with in this year and I realised I need to seriously get some new work completed so I can be organised, on time and organised. Have I mentioned organised?

Holy Macaroni!

I looked at the timeline and panicked a little. A lot. What is the quantitive description of panicking a lot? A blindness of panic? Well, something like "holy shitballs" emanated from my mouth ( because I am THAT eloquent) when I realised I have 2 months to do a years worth of work!!!!

But you know what, it's too soon to panic. My Dad always says that and you know what, the day before the deadline is a great time to panic, not a few months prior. It's too soon. Deep breaths.

So, head down, brushes up and music turned waaaaaay up, lets do this thing. I just have to do the work and it will all be good because that's where it all comes from, doing the work.

Inspiration of dew on asparagus

Work in progress

inspiration in my front yard

A start

Making my way through a painting

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