07 April, 2015

Poster girl.

I am in a new group show in Timaru in May. This is my first show in South Island and I am thrilled. Between you and me, if I could sneak off and live here, I would be one happy painter. It has amazing spaces. Not just views. I am interested in spaces and it feels like home all over the place.

Anyway, if I ever make enough money, I am going to buy a bolt-hole in South island and built a studio on top of a ridge line of hills and paint till I drop.

So, we start with this exhibition. My painting "Laundry day" has been used in the background. Yes, it's out of focus, obscured and has coloured filters all over it, but it 's there! I am so pleased it was chosen.

2015 Poster RSM Law Plunket Art Show.pdf

This one, remember? I have 4 paintings in the show.

Exciting times!!!

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