27 June, 2015

New work

I am working on new stuff and painting over old stuff. I love painting over old stuff! The underlying paint make for some surprising marks that show through to the new work.

But first, a panoramic view of the studio!

Panoramic view of the studio

This one has cows underneath it!True story!
Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic on canvas

This also has cows underneath the new surface( NOT as mermaids!)

I reworked this and like it now
Oil on drafting film

This is a new project....shhhhhhhhhhh
oil on drafting film

So, now just working away and trawling the hardware store, looking at using new tools to create some excitement in my painting. 
I bought a sander a few months ago and it has been a great new tool. I sand back what I don't like or the whole things, sometimes, and start again. 
The dogs hate the noise. 

I converted my studio desk into a standing desk. My ratio of internet surfing to painting has changed quite radically! 

For those of you wondering how the tidying up is going...splendidly! I even had a garden tidy! I thanked all the broken benches, chairs, ornaments trellises, pots (etc etc) for all their hard work, loaded up the trailer and off it went to the dump.
Still working in baby steps and staying far away from the studio and photo's, but each day I do some small category(  yesterday was garden, today is tupperware and plastics!) and it makes me feel so much better. 

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