13 June, 2015

The theory of creativity and space

So, this is my theory of creativity and space.

If there is too much crap around, the space and my life crowded with rubbish, STUFF accumulated on every surface, in every drawer, then there is no place for creativity to expand.

Problem: I am a sentimental pack rat. I attribute emotional connection to objects. For example.If my mother even so much as TOUCHED an object, I cannot throw it away because that object reminds me of her and throwing it away would akin to throwing something of her away. Yes, I am aware of the all -kinds- of -crazy that the preceding sentence sounds like, but that is what I am and how I exist. Another example.I have 6 years worth  of my kids art (ages 1-7) . No, none of it is even remotely good and yet it takes up a 4 drawer unit.The only good that unit might do is house some mice, for I have not looked in those drawers in 4 years. But there it sits, taking up space and my warped logic says" If you throw out those pictures, you are throwing away their childhood". See?! How am I supposed to throw stuff away with that kind of voice talking to me all the time?!

So, back to the theory. I have noticed that when I tidy up, throw stuff away and get organised, my mind quietens down,  I can think clearly and I can create and think creatively. All the STUFF that I own bogs me down in the past. So, I have been going through the drawers of my life, both physical and emotional, looking at what is accumulated, keeping some but throwing a lot away. When there is space in my head, my creativity flexes its muscles and starts to fill the spaces.

It's slow going but very cathartic. I spend a little time decluttering the house then toddle off to the studio. What happens after the cleanse is interesting. I just paint and solve painting problems with greater ease and the work becomes more interesting.

I have taken 3 carloads of stuff to the charity shop this week. My sense of triumph as I drive away, unburdened, is unexpectedly fabulous.

You will notice, dear reader, that I have yet to mention ANYTHING about a studio clean up. I know, I know. It will be the hardest one to do, so I am leaving it till last.  It's ok, the book said leave the hardest till last!

The zen of a rock on the beach.

After tidying up the pantry! 

Whilst someone else was tidying up the garden!

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  1. I've been going through this process since I lost my mother last year...seeing all the stuff that she had saved but meant nothing to anyone else was an enormous help to me as far as letting go of stuff was concerned...I threw away my own childhood art because I didn't remember doing any of it and it was awful and guess what my childhood didn't disappear! I also realised that the amount of time curating and tidying those memories was taking up precious time where we could make new memories and spend time together...it is a slow process but it's a really good one...I feel so much lighter, have so much more time and I've got time to do things now...not when I finish sorting through stuff or making scrap books of cards that my boys had when they were toddlers from people they don't even remember any more! Honestly the madness is not just yours!!! :)


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