03 June, 2015

So the painting starts again

After a brief hiatus of 2 weeks doing nothing and being totally useless following my Exhibition, I have begun painting again. It has, however, coincided with a great need to get rid of clutter. I have worked out that in order to create, I need mental space and the physical space in my studio and home is filled to the brim with STUFF. I am a pack rat! If I continue like this I shall end up on television as some hag with a collection of mental illnesses relating to hoarding.  Cue an intervention from the universe by way of an Instagram friend ( Thanks Angela!) who started posting photos of her decluttering prowess . She told me she had read a book oddly titled "The Gentle Magic of tidying up" and it offered a foolproof ( it needs to be because I have a t-shirt that says I am a fool and it needs to go) system of decluttering and then remaining decluttered. Sell me your magic potion, let me plant those magic beans!!!!! I want! So, I badgered the book out of the library and got reading. I sat up one night and read the whole darned thing. It was 1 am when I closed the book and I wanted to start! I got up and then got straight back into bed because a) it's the middle of winter and damned cold and b) starting at 1 am will not please the rest of the household!We've been down that road before with my midnight antics. It was not well received.
Next morning, I began. I cleaned out my chest of drawers. Once I had done that, I came into the studio and began to paint, unfettered, mind clear, a spring in my step.

If that's what just one set of drawers does for me, by the time I make it to the next exhibition I shall be living in a shell of a house, partially naked with clear surfaces everywhere and some very nervous family members!

So that's my plan. Slowly but surely, I shall declutter my house and then, after an hour of asking myself if object make me sparkle or thanking them for their use and discarding them, I shall wander into the studio and throw some paint around. For the record, the studio is going to be next on the list. I have a shitload of crap ( the technical term, I believe) stuffed under the big table on which I store even more crap and varnish paintings. I think I shall singlehandedly refurnish the Hospice Opshop!

A 30 x 30 cm study

Working on the bigger painting

detail of a another painting finished today

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