21 February, 2017

It's not about me

I have been very lucky in my life to never have to run for my life, flee a situation that was untenable and dangerous to live in, grab a few key belongings and my kids and run, run, run.I cannot imagine what that must be like to flee my home , lose my family and yet it happens, on a daily basis to MILLIONS of women in the world.

South Sudan
Central African Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo
...the list goes on and on. It is shameful that this continues to occur.

I feel very helpless as an individual. I am  not a terribly political person, but I am very lucky to  have a rather public opportunity to use my talents and try and make a difference. So try I must.

I have a small exhibition running at the David Lloyd Gallery 17-19 March.
I am offering this painting as a silent auction with the entire proceeds going to Unicef to help them with their job. It's what I can do and it's how I can help and do it by adding good to the world, not taking from it.

This painting is not an easy painting to look at. Not initially. Washing hangs  neglected or forgotten, on a line. The atmosphere is filled with smoke and dust, ruined buildings loom in the dark, illuminated by possible explosions or gunfire. Sparks hang in the dust. This place was abandoned suddenly, washing remains the only evidence that domestic life once reigned happily in this place.

Now Let me offer you another scenario

Its a celebration. Fireworks are being let off just beyond the buildings and everyone is celebrating peace and reunion. Families find each other and life start to become normal again. Washing hangs on makeshift lines , this time forgotten in the delight of watching fireworks and spending time together, celebrating peace.

Whatever this is , please help me send it out into the world with some good to it. If you feel you would like to offer a bid on the silent auction but cannot attend the event, email bids will be accepted until midday 20 March.

The Celebration
oil on board
64 cm wide x 44 cm high

The exhibition is not about me. 

Exhibition details
David Lloyd Gallery
78 Lake Crescent
New Zealand
 Reception 17 March 5:30 till 7 pm
sat and sun 18&19 March 11 am till 3 pm

Silent auction available on site and vial email.

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