22 July, 2011

Lessons learned

I snapped this at the local swimming pool earlier this year. My son had  moved from the small, heated pool into the large, unheated lap pool. he was watching, trying to work out the rules of the pool and feeling the change in temperature. An unusual moment in time when he was actually standing still!

The swimming lesson

This little girl was being taught to swim by her Dad. He had great patience with her and , although it ended in tears, he never lost his temper or raised his voice.I saw them in the parking lot after the lesson, all smiles and rosy cheeks, assisted by an ice-cream!

I  realise, when comparing it with the first painting,that I am getting fussy and tight when I focus on something for a long time. I fiddle and change stuff.....it ends up a tight mess.
I was limited to 20 min with this last painting.( I had to make the bus stop to collect the kids from school) .

I have been complaining I never have enough time to paint and have been looking for an answer to help solve this issue of tightness and it seems the universe sent it to me in the form of a busload of grumpy children!
I often ask the universe for direction.... and it seems  all I need is 30 minutes and a kick in the pants!

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