29 July, 2011

Santa's little helper and other distractions...

 I tidied......! Nothing looks weirder than a tidy studio!~! Won't do THAT again for a while then.

I have become very interested in printmaking after Michelle Ives( a wonderfull illustrator and friend) send me a lino cut print and an etching as a gift(along with a fab bracelet and necklace.....cool friend, huh!). I also happen to have a set of her tools that she gave to me, almost 10 years ago, when she left Cape Town for Cardiff.
  The prerequisite cup of tea included!

First lino print

Second linoprint

 My first, self taught linocut prints(yes, yes, I can see the mistakes.....but they are the first!) .
 I had so much fun researching( You Tube and the internet.....just amazing) and it made me remember how much I love learning new things (hence the 5 year Bachelor of Arts...it should read Bachelor of Absolutely everything).

And then came the distraction in the form of......................Lucien!

  I took TV away...brilliant, really. I can highly recommend it IF you can stand
  1. The wailing for the first 3 days
  2. Being told you are the world's worst mother and your license should be revoked(yes, he believes I need a license........)
  3. The constant shadowing and effort to be included in everything you do.(The theory being I will give him TV back if he drives me nuts!)

So, he asked to learn how to sew! So I said.....sure thing!

 ....and look how into it he got!! He made sock puppets(ok, no pair of socks is safe anymore) and a felt monster!!! He has asked to go to the local craft store to get some supplies....my mind boggles!But he is like me...easily distacted. Once he has mastered handsewing he will be off on another quest to learn a skill. Although he was intrigued when I explained about the concept of high fashion, design and the engineering that goes into making clothing.....and the money the top(male!) designers earn!

 He has gone to a party.......a 20 min study of my new mannequins!!

And then my bench got messy again! I blame the mannequins...I think they had a party with the turps!

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