10 May, 2012

The passing sky

My Father suggested painting my view as a repeated exercise to get my eye in to painting landscape. My view is different everyday because of all the variable factors that mother nature hauls out of her handbag each day: light, cloud, wind, temperature, they all change what I see.
So I have been doing exactly that.... And not just from the studio window, but the lawn outside!! Look closely for the telltale sign of midges and insects trapped in the paint.

Constable said to paint a sky a day.....well, mine change so quickly I could paint constantly( but I would be mad as a hatter and the house would collapse into disrepair and squalor..... Or maybe just more squalor -ish that it is right now).

I went to develop some photos yesterday and had to sift through the 500 to decide which ones to print and I reckon 20% were of cows and 30% skies!

So, here are the efforts from the last few days.I shall endeavor to paint more of the landscape and less of the sky, but I am having quite a lot of fun working out how to render the various sky moods, so you might have to cope with them for a while longer.

Oh, and if you like any of them, let me know!!!!

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