14 May, 2012

Villigrad winery , today's view and mutterings

My youngest son, Julius is sick. He had his first experience of the bug that shall not be named but makes you appreciate plumbing and baths that are close to toilets. Enough said. I now have more washing than is sensible for a weather report of 4 more days of rain.

Anyway, I painted indoors today but I did paint my view through the window .It started off thunderous with the odd bright spot and ended up being rather bright with wispy clouds. Go figure.No wonder Vincent chopped an ear off......painting drives you nuts.

Then I decided I wanted to paint more but did not have enough time before school finishes, so I looked at the photos I took at Villigrad winery last week when I went to visit lee. ( she lives across the road from a winery.....how cool is that!!?)
Everything is changing so quickly that I don't think the leaves will Be on the vines much longer. I am hoping to go paint there on site .... It really is quite pretty.....and I miss the vineyards! I grew up in the winemaking countryside of The Helderberg in South Africa and vineyards were part of my daily vista. That's why I like wine.....I am homesick!!!

Right, hopefully I will get out and about tomorrow and maybe I will support my kids on cross country......I might arrive covered in paint!

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  1. Love the light in the bottom one...hope your son feels better soon (and your washing gets less!)


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