01 May, 2012

Reworking some older paintings

Does this happen to you? I paint something and am satisfied with it at the end of the painting session. Sometimes I am down right chuffed with myself and allow myself a small congratulation. Then, a while later I look at it and see flaws , technical errors and think " what the hell was I thinking" .
This is when I usually take up drinking or try fix it. Lately, I have been fixing things because I am learning to fine tune and polish the painting. My dad showed me a number of articles in various magazines as examples and also gave me some pointers that I am now implementing.
I am also realizing that I need to get outdoors! There is something about the immediacy of painting a scene outdoors that cannot be captured from photos. Photos flatten the tones and colours quite a bit.Pity it is autumn and about to become damned cold! I have purchased myself a swandri oilskin jacket and a beanie, I just need some warm boots and I shall be good as gold or perhaps I should say warm as toast.

I love the area I live in and want to paint it, so that I shall do..... Starting next week!
This week I have the great privilege of spending some time at the local school my boys attend, painting with the room 8 kids!!! I hope I encourage them to all have a go at painting.

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