01 August, 2012

Farmhouse on the hill

There is a lot of peat in the surrounding farmlands. Many farms were once quite waterlogged and settlers drained the peat to enable them to be farmed. A common sight in my area is a yellow digger methodically clearing the drains or waterways that are still in place to make sure the paddocks and fields do not become flooded or drain well if they do. Farmhouses are built on the highest part if the farm. This is just such a farm with the farmhouse perched on a hillock, surrounded by reclaimed part paddocks for grazing cows.

20 x40 cm oil on canvas panel


  1. Gosh Jen. This is fabulous, but now I am worried about your housework !

  2. Housework! What's that?! I just round all the dust bunnies up and we have a game of " quick, everyone under the carpet"!!!!


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