04 August, 2012

Sunday psycho cows

I have really enjoyed the acrylic experience these past two paintings. Acrylic dries quickly and allows for layers and the application of colors on top of each other with no muddying of the base layer. What would become
Overworked in oils is possible in acrylics due to the quick drying time.

I worked with the colors straight from the tube, used one paintbrush only and clean up was a doddle....with water. The house is full of children and most of them are not mine ,so I tried to keep the use of turps to a minimum, hence the foray into acrylics.
30 x 60 cm acrylic on stretched canvas


  1. Ah, I love these cow series very much! I love the colours you use, simply stunning and entertaining! Keep it up! :D

  2. Thank yo! I enjoy painting them and will post some more soon.


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